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How to teach primary programming using Scratch

By Phil Bagge
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Click on the book picture links on the right to order from Amazon. If you don’t want to order from Amazon you can order through the University of Buckingham Press. You can find out more about the books on this page. Please feel free to re-purpose programming idea found in this book to meet the needs of your school but please share it with me and I will add it to this site (and possibly future editions) so other schools can benefit. If you spot any errors please email me.You can now purchase all the pupil books in one PDF download to print as many as you like within your school.Corrections are in PURPLE underneath and my publisher assures me we can fix these before future print runs.
General Resources
Changing a Variable & Setting a Variable in Scratch V
How broadcasts work in Scratch VChapter 0 Introduction
Computing National Curriculum England (Primary 4-11) L
Computational Thinking Wikipedia L
Jeanette Wing L
CAS Computational Thinking Framework Document L D
Crumble Resources L
Download Scratch 1.4 L D
Download Scratch 2.0 L D
Download FMS Logo L D
Join Scratch Community L
Code-IT Assessment & Progression L
CAS Include L
Spreadsheet for Recording Progression D
Chapter 1 (Year 3, 7-8 Years)
Smoking Car

Smoking car Scratch 1.4 File D
Music Machine
loops PDF L D
Chat Template Publisher File D
Chat Template PNG D
Action Planning Assessment
Year 3 Blocks Action Assessment PDF D
Chapter 2 (Year 4, 8-9 Years)
Maths Quiz
Maths Quiz PDF D
Maths Quiz Step through for teachers V
Maths Quiz matching algorithm to code Section 4 V
Real world selection examples PDF D
Changing a Variable & Setting a Variable in Scratch V
How broadcasts work in Scratch V
Music Algorithm to Music Code
Correction Scratch numbers point to a lower octave than in the book
Corrected Score Help Sheet PDF D
Score Help Sheet PDF D
Score Help Sheet Supported PDF D
Slug Trail Game
Slug Trail Game to decompose D
Forever Loops PDF D
Slug Trail Game walk-through for teachers V
Selection Investigation
Selection Investigation walk-through for teachers V
Train your computer to do maths
Train Computer to do Maths Slides PDF D
New planning for this modules that is improved
Chapter 3 (Year 5, 9-10 Years)
Counting Machine
Correction there is an error in pupil workbook 3 the fourth flowchart block says Set count variable for 1 second. It should say Say count variable for 1 second. This is correct in the teacher book. There is a new version underneath.
Corrected match code to flowchart PDF D
Counting up repeated addition down repeated subtraction V
Counting Machine Module 1 Year 5 Section 2 V
Counting Machine Module 1 Year 5 Section 2 Hint V
Counting Machine Hints on Counting Backwards V
Broadcast Finish V
Count down timer for teacher hint card PDF D
Music Abstraction
Baa baa black sheep V
Baa baa black sheep alternative non You Tube V
Baa baa black sheep midi file D
Random Word or Sentence Generator
Coin blocks in colour PDF D
Old English Money Woodlands Website L
Pre-decimal Stirling L
Crab Maze
Decomposition Example L
Conditional selection unplugged examples L
Section 5 If using Scratch 1.4 you will need to double click the sprite to change the X and Y in the motion blocks
Broadcasts explained V
Coin scoring SEN support sheet D
Crab Maze Coins Hint Card D
Crab maze hint steer right PDF D
Independent working Questions PDF D
Toilet Fan 
Car Park Barrier
Angle Sorter
Angle sorter intro code L
Chapter 4 (Year 6, 10-11 Years)
Times Table Game
3x tables template Scratch 1.4 File
1-100 sprite template Scratch 1.4 File
Times Tables Game on Scratch website to decompose L

Polygon Resources to Print L
Perimeter with variables Powerpoint D
Online Stopwatch L
Playground Games Flowcharts L
Clock Code On Scratch Website L
Broadcasts Video L
Clock Code Blocks PDF L D
Cartesian Coordinates
1st Quad Flipchart D
1st Quad PDF D
4 Quad Flipchart D
A3 Cart Grid XLS D
A3 Cart Grid XLSX D
Coordinates Video L
Hint Card PDF D
Cartesian Coordinates Reflection Scratch File D
Translation Enlargement & 1/4 Turn Rotation
Simple Triangle Translator as a Scratch 1.4 file D
Simple Triangle Translator Online L
Enlargement1 as a Scratch 1.4 file D
Enlargement1 Online L
Enlargement2 as a Scratch 1.4 file D
Enlargement2 Online L
Enlargement3 as a Scratch 1.4 file D
Enlargement3 Online L
Rotate as a Scratch 1.4 file D