Crumble Control Board Resources

Crumble Control Board Resources

The crumble is an electronic board which you can attach up to two motors, lights, buzzers etc and attach lots of switches and sensors to control how they operate. It plugs into your pc via usb and you can program it via the free drag and drop crumble software. Motors and buzzers are powered by 4.5v-5v battery packs.It is made by Redfern Electronics & you can get some great accessories from Redfern and  4Tronix.
Crumble Maker Cards
You can find the new maker cards here

Scaffolding More Complex Code

These physical coding activities can be useful helping pupils think through conditional selection before using it in the Crumble

Scaffolding more complex code solutions where conditions are checked before code is run. These scaffold files enable pupils to think through one of two conditional selection checks before coding. They are ideal for steering buggies using buttons, adding a distance sensor or line followers.

Peter Gaynord CAS Master Teacher has made some excellent videos outlining how to use Crumbles with a fairground rides DT Project  (Linked with permission)

My thanks to Simon Walters @PrimarySi who has helped me iron out a few bugs in my thinking. All errors are of course my own.