CS Planning

Planning for primary, elementary & early middle school pupils

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Code-it Philosophy

A3 Poster with code-it replaced by Computing

Computer Science Overview
Problem Solving attitudes & behaviours NEW
Where my planning could fit into your curriculum
Sample KS2 Computing Plan
Sample KS1 Computing Science/IT Plan
Computing Science Articles
Assessment and Progression
Assessment for learning computing graduated statements
Talk for Computing Assessment & Reflection
Software & Hardware Reviews
KS1 (4-7)
KS1 Turtle (Bee-Bot or Roamer Too) Overview
Bee-bot/Blue-bot Reception to Y2 Detailed Scheme of work
Bee-Bot Y1 Kahoot Assessment
Bee-Bot Algorithm Cards
Bee-Bot Algorithm Cards2
Human Crane Algorithm
KS1 How Supermarket Works
KS1 How a Library Works
KS1 How a Bank Works
KS1 Scratch Jr Travel Planning
KS1 Scratch Jr Dance Planning
KS1 Scratch Jr Moving Game
KS1 Scratch Jr My Story
KS1 Scratch Jr Pathway     
LOGO Planning
Lower KS2 Logo Planning
Firework Program in MSW Logo
Video Explaining Logo Planning
Scratch Planning
Exploring Right Angles NEW 
Primary Scratch Plan
Three Roald Dahl Programming Ideas
Expanded Noun Phrase Plan (KS1)
Scratch Dressing up game
Scratch Smoking Car Plan
Scratch Magic Carpet NEW
Scratch Travel Europe NEW 
Scratch plan your own simple game NEW 
Scratch Music Machine Plan
Scratch Action Planning Assessment
Scratch Conversation  Re-Written
Scratch Slug Trail Plan
Scratch Random Word Plan
Scratch Maths Quiz Plan
Scratch Selection Investigation Plan
Scratch Y4 Creative Assessment
Scratch Train Computer to do Maths
Scratch Conversation 2 (Broadcast)
Scratch Music Score
Scratch Music as code
Scratch Crab Maze Plan
Scratch Primary Games Maker
Scratch Counting Machine Plan
Scratch Plan & Build a Clock
Scratch Toilet Fan Lego Wedo Plan
Scratch Car Park Barrier Lego Wedo Plan
Scratch Tilt Switch Lego Wedo Plan
Scratch & Lego Wedo (V1 and v2) Baby Toy Plan NEW
Scratch Coin Program Plan
Scratch Perimeter Plan
Scratch Investigate regular 2D shapes Plan
Scratch Tables Game Plan
Scratch Cartesian Coordinates Plan
Cartesian Coordinate Translation,
Enlargement & 1/4 Turn Rotation

Scratch Odd & Even Plan
Algebra Inverse Plan NEW
Train your computer to solve real maths challenges PDF NEW
Scratch planning linked to year group
Scratch Progression
Video Explaining Scratch Plan
2D Shapes Lesson OLD
2D Shapes Patterns Under Construction
Job Picker Teacher Resource Created in Scratch NEW
Python Planning Y6 or KS3
Python Adventures
Pythoncode Poem Introduction
Pythoncode poem think sheet PDF
Unplugged Planning
Exchange Sort Investigation
Playground Games Flowchart Plan

Getting Up, Simple Algorithm Plan
Jam Sandwich Algorithm
Spelling Algorithms 
Grammar Algorithms 
Crumble Board Resources

Crumble Board Resources
Crumble Playground Resources
Easy Buggy (2 minute buggy build)
Crumble Traffic Light Planning
Crumble Buggy Planning
Crumble Code Planning
Crumble Fan Power Vehicle Planning
Crumble tech Supported athletics planning  NEW
Computing Science Resources

Python Dictionary for Kids
Explaining Repeat Loops
Explaining Python Repeat Loops
Explaining Forever Loops
Explaining If Else Selection
Explaining Conditional Selection
Conditional Selection = < > using 2D Shapes NEW
MSW Logo Video Help Files
Python Video Help Files
Python Logo Commands
Debugging Stickers
Computer Science Terminology
Network & Internet Planning
Network, Internet & Search Planning
How the Internet Works (old plans)
Phil talks to Professor Les Carr about Networks
Conference Resources
CAS Wessex 2014
Databases Planning KS1 & KS2
Database Podcast with Les Carr (KS3,4+)
KS3 Planning
Spelling Test
Tickle App
Train iPad to do maths simple (under construction)
Mine Hunter or Cake Hunt Plan
Tickle Quiz Plan
Train your computer to solve real maths challenges (Tickle) PDF