Data Podcast

Data Podcast

Phil Bagge chats to Professor Les Carr from the University of Southampton about data. The following has had very little editing and was recorded in one take on the evening of September 17th.

Introduction Databases are all around us (3 minutes 24 seconds) Phil realises that databases are all around us

Data, Information & Knowledge (4 minutes 5 seconds) Phil asks what the difference is between data and information?

Database or knowledge base? (1 minute 32 seconds ) Phil asks if the database is named correctly?

Spreadsheets & Databases (8 minutes 10 seconds ) Les explains how the spreadsheet rises out of personal computing

Relational Databases (3 minutes ) Phil introduces the word ‘tanging’ and Les explains the power and scale-ability of related tables

Key Field (3 minutes 17 seconds) Les explains how a key field works in a relational database

Databases scale with processor advances (8 minutes and 24 seconds) Les explains what databases were like when ‘he was a lad’ and how ‘they are ever-so big now’

Big Data (7 minutes and 43 seconds) Les explains the ongoing challenges for modern databases

If you are seeking to understand relational databases and how key fields work you may be interested in Phil’s unplugged video explanation