Mobile Phone Use

Mobile Phone Use (May take more than one lesson) Planning by Phil Bagge @baggiepr

Learning Objective

Lesson Plan

To discuss mobile phone ownership and etiquette.

To discuss bullying via mobile phone within real circumstances.

Do a quick survey of the class to find out who has a mobile phone and how long they have had it. And who pays for the phone credit or contract?


  • You are on a monthly contract that your parents pay for. There is a great offer a friend tells you about where you text a number and they send you lots of great new ring tones and football videos. (Children can be very vulnerable to these sites which often have small print which means you pay for it through your phone bill on a continual monthly basis) If no one recognises the scam then extend the situation by telling them that your mum has just received a massive phone bill on your phone.
  • Split the group in half. You are having a sleep over with your friends. Another friend calls you five times to have chat, what do you do? Ask the other half of the group this. You are at a sleep over at your house and one of your friends brings her mobile phone. You are playing a game with your friends when the friend gets a call. Over the next hour she gets four more calls. How do you feel? (The issue here is just to make children think about how their mobile phone use affects those around them who are not in on the conversation. Might there be times when it is best to put the needs of the people you are with over the needs of the person on the phone?)
  • You get a nasty text message insulting you and your family. Your friends say to ignore it. What do you do? (Bullying via mobile phone is on the increase but if children don’t share what is happening nothing can be done to help them. Bullying can and does lead to children feeling desperate enough to take their own lives so we need to encourage them to talk) Cyber bullying lesson goes into this in more detail
  • You are down town in the evening. It is just getting dark and you are waiting at the bus stop. There are lots of other older children at the bus stop. You feel your new mobile phone vibrate in your pocket what do you do? (If you flaunt your expensive new technology then it may get stolen from you)
  • Your new phone can access the internet. A friend tells you this is free and can she view some videos on You Tube. What do you do? (Some mobile phone internet access is very expensive, do you know how much you are paying?)

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