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Wizards Choice

Pupil booklets and answer sheets
wizardschoicesUSEMODIFYCREATE V2 (better questions less questions)
Code to download or access on the Scratch website
WizardChoices Scratch 2 or 3 code to download
WizardChoicesPARSONS Scratch 2 or 3 code to download
Wizards Choice Parsons on Scratch Website
Wizards Choice on Scratch Website

Google Classroom Files to Copy and Use (Your teacher account must be able to accept files from outside your organisation, ask your Google admin to change this for teachers only to import these resources)
Use / Investigate the code Google Doc with answer sheet at end
Modify / Change the code Google Doc with answer sheet at the end
Create / Make challenges as a Google Doc 

Teams files to download
Use / Investigate the code WizardsChoiceusethecode Word Docx Download
Modify / Change the code WizardsChoiceModifythecode Word Docx Download
Create / Make challenges as a WizardsChoiceCreateChallenges Word Docx Download