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Nested Loop With Procedures Module

exploringnestedloopswithprocedures Scratch 2 & 3 Download ZIP
exploringnestedloopswithproceduresCOMPLETION Scratch 2 & 3 Download ZIP
Scratch 3 nested loops with procedures on the Scratch Website
Scratch 3 nested loops with procedures completion on Scratch Website
Pupil Booklets and Answer Sheets
exploringnestedloopswithproceduresCOMPLETIONalgS2 exploringnestedloopswithproceduresCOMPLETIONalgS3 exploringnestedloopswithproceduresPRIMMALGORITHM exploringnestedloopswithproceduresPRIMMCODEScratch2 exploringnestedloopswithproceduresPRIMMCODEScratch3 exploringnestedloopswithproceduresUSEMODIFY
Introduction Slides
Everyday nested loop role-play and write as a pdf

Google Classroom Files to Copy and Use (Your teacher account must be able to accept files from outside your organisation, ask your Google admin to open this for teachers only to import these resources)
Intro Slides as a Google Slide Show
Use / Investigate the code/ Predict Google Self Marking Quiz
Modify / Change / Make the code Google Doc with linked answer sheet

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