KS1 Turtle Progression

KS1 Turtle Progression

This is not a detailed scheme of work but rather a framework that teachers could use to adapt current ICT Turtle (Bee-Bot, Roamer Too) schemes of work into computing schemes of work. It uses the computational thinking skills of algorithm creation and evaluation. Version 1.2 updated to include best route ideas by teachers at Wickham C of E Primary during a Computing Inset day.

KS1 Program of study covered
Computational thinking skills included
Importance of play
Do you know what it does?
Turtle marbles
From A to B
From A to B creating symbol algorithm first
From A to B to C creating symbol algorithms first
From A to C avoiding B creating symbol algorithms first
The best route
Unfinished algorithm
Turtle maze

Turtle progression pdf

Turtle symbol
algorithm cards pdf

Turtle symbol algorithm cards forwards and turns only pdf
Bee-Bot World pdf
Program NOT push reminder card for reception pupils PDF NEW

Video Explaining the Planning

Bee-Bot World Video (YouTube)

Bee-Bot World Video (hosted by code-it)