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Maths Quiz 2018 Revision 4.1

This is a total re-write of the Maths quiz to add algorithmic code examples and procedures. There is also a three page assessment booklet and Quiz algorithm slides. Written for Scratch 2.0

Maths Quiz Plan 2018 PDF v4.1(includes assessment booklet)

Quiz Algorithm Slides 2018 PDF

In the written planning above we give opportunities for pupils to experience what a good algorithm looks like. This is based on the premise that if we want pupils to develop good programming design we need to model this. The first video below outlines how this might work. This is experimental and I have no evidence for and against at present. In my written overview plan I have this as short teacher sharing sessions after programming.

The second video below shows how we might link a good algorithm to the programming. The planning above starts with conditional selection and introduces a variable to keep score at a later date. The video follows the algorithmic order which starts with a variable. I am going to experiment with teaching it like this to see if it works or not. I wonder if it might overload the pupil with too much information or if making the specific links with the algorithmic process helps them with their own design processes in later projects.

If you want a version of the Maths quiz in Scratch 2.0 without the algorithmic examples then my book has one.

Old Maths Quiz Version 3

This is my third rewrite of this module reflecting how I teach it
now. It has more extension activities and highlights the importance of
creating an algorithm first before quiz coding. I have included some catch up cards, more as an aid to debugging than to help pupils create those sections. For some pupils being able to compare code on a card with that on the screen in front of them is easier than comparing with code on a screen at the front of the classroom. I have not written this in Scratch 2.0 as I still feel that Scratch 1.4 is easier for lower KS2. However my old planning, linked at the bottom, has a version in Scratch 2.0.
My thanks toVikki Dodd Head of Computing Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Blackburn for the
extra challenges at the end
Maths Quiz Planning as PDF
Learning Intentions and Success Criteria
Learning intentions and success criteria PDF
Learning intentions and success criteria docx
Learning intentions and success criteria doc
Quiz PDF
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Catch Up Cards
Single Question PDF
Multiple Questions PDF
Variables PDF

 Older Maths Quiz Version 2

Old Planning

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