Animals Invade School

Pupils at Little Windham Junior School were amazed to find Tancashire Zoo animals inhabiting every part of the school when they came back from their summer holiday break.

Staff found alligators in the art room and monkeys in the maths cupboard. The head teacher opened her office to be greeted by a hyena. Three pupils only just escaped from a tiger in the time out room. Mr Jones, the school caretaker, found an Orangutan in his office and a Kestrel in the kitchen.

Keepers believe that Breakin, a two year old ringtail monkey, picked the locks of every cage after an unknown member of the public dropped a hair pin into his enclosure. Tancashire police uncovered that Breakin, rescued by the RSPCA, had previously worked for the notorious Monkey Gang responsible for hundreds of burglaries in the greater Tancashire area.