Welcome to code-it.co.uk, computing resources produced by Phil Bagge Computing Inspector / Advisor working for HIAS, Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service.

My code-it resource writing philosophy combines teaching experience, education research and computing research to produce effective and challenging teaching resources.

My expertise is teaching programming well. In my Gold resources I have hit a real sweet spot in resources that are easy to teach, make pupils work hard, are creative and develop strong pupil programmers. Other teaching methods are also useful and you can find plans that use other methods on the CS plans page.

I appreciate all the teachers who use my resources and then email or send me voice recordings suggesting refinements, improvements or adaptations. Your feedback improves the resources. If you are new to code-it welcome and feel free to get in touch.

I work as a Computing Inspector/Advisor for Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service locally and across the UK and wider afield both in person and via video conferencing. You can find out more information about me from this link. As well as Inspecting and advising I also teach at two Hampshire Schools, Ringwood Junior & Otterbourne Primary. Through HIAS, I provide a range of courses, consultancy, inset days, conferences keynotes and seminars to help schools make the best use of computing. If you want to discuss your computing support needs get in touch.

If you enjoy the code-it resources you may also wish to

  • Attend my excellent courses online
  • Join me online at CAS Community Groups (free)
  • Teach great programming in your school
  • Feed back any adaptations, improvements, and suggestions so I can improve resources (I will credit you with any changes)

Code-it sixth most popular primary computing resource in the UK in Royal Society Report.

If you want to see samples of pupils work from the schools I teach at you can view my twitter feed @baggiepr 

Phil Bagge

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Code-it Gold is a new scheme of programming planning that provides multiple, research backed, methods of teaching the same module to help teachers develop a variety of different approaches and develop pupils agency. The Code-it Gold resources are free but if you need more training or inset then contact Phil Bagge via the contacts page.

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