Exploring Regular 2D Shapes & Patterns

Exploring Regular 2D Shapes & Patterns (4th Revision March 2018)

Program Aim:  Program regular 2D shapes using sequence, repetition, nested loops, simple and complex procedures.

This is a total rewrite.

I have removed sub routines using broadcasts as a step before simple procedures. Using simple procedures before procedures with inputs is a better progression and easier to translate into text based programming for older teachers/pupils.

I have added nested loops as a separate stage before simple procedures.

I have added slides for teachers to model the algorithmic stages of sequence, repeat loops and nested loops in simple pseudocode and flowcharts. Algorithms for simple procedures and procedures with inputs are modelled in pseudocode only. The idea here is to expose pupils to good algorithm design.

I have added a physical activity to introduce nested loops.

I have added an assessment booklet and answer booklet which pick up on code and modelled algorithm design.

I have added three new extension activities.

Added an easier shapes introduction sheet (v2) for those with less maths reasoning.

I welcome comments.

Shapes Planning PDF

Shapes Programming Slides PDF (Modelled Algorithms)

Loops and nested loops (slides) PDF

Pupils Shapes Sequence Sheet PDF

Pupils Shapes Sequence Sheet v2 PDF

Assessment Booklet PDF

Assessment Booklet Answers PDF