Assessment & Progression

Assessment and Progression in Primary Computer Science
In this section I am bringing together all my advice on assessment and progression.

Primary Computing Science Progression as PDF V2.1 
Progression Grid PDF
This progression is based on teaching computing science to six schools over the last three years, the National Curriculum and a focus on computational thinking that the opening statement of the national curriculum makes clear should be central. It doesn’t include a progression in e-safety or digital literacy we can draw on previous ICT experience for this. I have linked to some of my modules to illustrate aspects of progression. I doubt it will be my last version as my understanding and development as a teacher of computing hasn’t finished yet, which is one of the reasons it is such a fascinating subject. You are welcome to use what is useful to you and adapt it for your school.

Progression in Primary Debugging as PDF V2
This is a collection of debugging strategies that teachers can use to encourage pupils to debug work themselves. Building resilience and problem solving skills is a key part of the computing curriculum and it is important that pupils realise that it is their responsibility to find and fix errors.

Primary Computing Teachers Skills Audit
An audit to help Computing leads identify teacher knowledge and understanding PDF

Pupil Self Assessment Tracking Sheets
KS1 Problem Solving Tracker PDF
KS2 Problem Solving Tracker PDF

AFL Graduated Statements
Example assessment for learning graduated statements 

KS2 Computing Subject Knowledge KS2 Version 1 PDF

CAS London Assessment Seminar
Assessing Primary Computing Seminar CAS London Conference Feb 2017 PDF

Tracking Programming Progression as Excel XLSX
This is a spreadsheet you can use to track pupil achievement within Programming modules. You can easily adapt the column headings to reflect the modules you use (both mine and other peoples).

Assessing work using Infographic Grid
Chatbot Assessment Y6
Selection Investigation Assessment Y4

Adapting programming modules to make sure they have problem solving & computational thinking

Programming Planner No Colour PDF

Programming Planner Colour PDF

Suggested programming progression using code-it gold resources.

Programming Marking Rubric For Google Docs (Your Google Domain will need to allow docs from outside your domain for teachers to be able to make a copy of this)