Crumble Playground

Crumble playground adds a framework for the crumble which simplifies all the connections so that students can connect devices with one audio cable. It makes the crumble a device that you can use confidently in lower KS2.
The lovely thing about it is that you can still attach all your old crocodile clip accessories if you want to or mix and match between old and new. The batteries are safely tucked away underneath reducing the chance of shorting that occasionally happened with crocodile clip accessories. The power to the inputs and outputs goes through the audio cables simplifying the wiring. I think this is the missing link that allows younger children and less confident teachers into real¬†physical computing problem solving. I have already made some maker cards for this underneath and will be writing up new¬†planning for Y3 & 4 which I will post here soon. 4Tronix , who make the playground have also made a version of their popular crumbs to use the audio cables. You can buy the playground with crumbles if you haven’t got any or without if you have.

Push Button
Using Crocodile Clip Crumbs with Playground
Programmable Light
Programmable Lights (Multi)
Traffic Lights
Number Crumb 4Tronix PDF
Slider or Dial 4Tronix PDF
Motor PDF
LDR Redfern PDF
Buzzer 4Tronix PDF
Servo Redfern PDF


Crumble Playground Jewellery Planning
Crumble Playground Morse Code Planning

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