IPad IPod Key Skills

IPad IPod Key Skills

There are so
many IOS applications. This planning just concentrates on the core skills.
Most sessions should concentrate on the curriculum areas you wish to support
using the IPod or IPads.
You may wish to have a look at using
IPods within a class

Skill or

Skill or
Understanding Expanded

Examples &
Resource Links


Switching devices on

Knowing that you need to click
the bottom button and then swipe the screen at the bottom from left to right
to turn the device on.


Best to Combine these first two
skills with using a simple app within a curriculum area of your choice.

Navigating, opening and closing

Navigating apps by swiping
fingers right or left to move between menus. Opening sub menus (if any) by
pressing finger on a menu. Opening an App by pressing your finger on the App.
Closing an App by clicking the big button at the bottom.


Emailing a video or photo from
inside Photos.

Using the out arrow button to
place the photo or video into an email. Knowing how to use the Google mail
contacts to email it to users within the school or school blogs

Email a photo
video help file

Emailing a picture of a science
experiment with conclusion attached to the class blog. Sending a photo of
cooking with the recipe instructions combining cooking and instructional
writing (Whilst waiting for their turn to cook)

Taking a screen shot

Taking a screen shot by holding
the off button on the top and the main button on the bottom until the screen

Using an
oscilloscope includes screen shot example video help file

Show pupil knows what they are
doing by taking a screenshot and annotating in Adobe Ideas. Work can be
emailed to their Gmail account.

Taking a photo using the built
in camera app and manipulating it in PS Express

Knowing how to switch between
forward and back facing cameras. Knowing how to crop, rotate or flip a photo
using PS Express. You could also include other effects such as sketch or
black & white if they were useful to a project.

photos using PS Express video help file

PS Express

Adobe Ideas

Photos can be used to
illustrate so many aspects of the curriculum from freeze frames in PDL,
stages of a Maths investigation to history events with speech bubbles.

Taking a video using the built
in camera app and editing it in iMovie

Add a sound track, titles and
overlays to a single movie or splice a few movies together. Cut out
unnecessary parts of the movie. Play by plugging it into an interactive
whiteboard or converting and emailing.

YouTube Video

Also look for
on front page of the app for a text based

A science experiment described.
Expressive reading recorded. Drama or assembly recorded.

Recording and emailing sound

Voice memo only comes with the
IPod. If you have chooses this device then this skill is worth including.

Sound Video Help File

Hear children read when you are
not working with that group in guided reading

IPod/IPad video help files