Presentation media

Presentation Media Skills and Understanding (by Phil Bagge @baggiepr)

These skills go from easiest at the top to hardest at the bottom. The best way to use this planner is to look at what level of skills you need to cover by checking what previous teachers have covered on the class tracking sheet and then look at the next set of skills and understandings that you need to move onto. Finally check out the possible activities and project ideas links for ways to integrate the skills and understanding into your curriculum. Some projects naturally need more skills planning than others. Remember that the understanding is just as important as the skills and will need teacher input.

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Possible Activities

Understand that programs like PowerPoint are primarily about presenting information in manageable chunks/slides

The real skill of creating a good presentation is breaking concepts and ideas up into chunks of information with good clear headings

Choose a topic that you have recently finished. Tell the children that you are going to give a talk on it. What would the main areas of your talk be? These are your slide headings

Know how to add slides and change their layout using the options available

Layout is the built in format which means slides can be clicked in straight away to edit them

PowerPoint Office 2010 Add Slides and adjust layout format video

Creating a very simple presentation is the best activity for this and the next two skills

Know how to add text to a slide and how to modify it using simple formatting tools

Most children will have good formatting understanding as it is included in lots of other strands of digital literacy

PowerPoint Office 2010 Adding and formatting text on a slide video

Know how to add pictures or clip art onto a slide

If pupils are going to publish their presentation to a class blog then pupils will need permissions for any photos gained over the Internet

PowerPoint Office 2010 Adding pictures or clip art onto a slide

Know how to place your slideshow into and out of presentation mode and how to reorder slides

It is worth dragging slides around to see if different orders make more sense

PowerPoint Office 2010 Placing your slideshow into presentation mode and reordering your slides

Understand that only main information is needed in a presentation you will talk alongside

A good talk will see the presenter expanding on the information in the slides. You can add notes in the notes section and print them to help you remember what you wanted to say.

Understand that when you have to get up and talk alongside a presentation no animation and simple slide layout is often less distracting for your audience

Be able to talk alongside a basic presentation cycling your presentation slides at the right times

Can pupils add interest to their voice? Can they alternate between looking at their presentation and looking at the audience? Eye contact with the audience is an important skill.

These are really difficult skills to achieve. Have a look at these videos of year 3 pupils talking alongside their presentations.

Video 1

Video 2

Often children need a second opportunity after you have modelled it

Why not video the talk and the presentation in the background and post it to your blog. If you don’t have picture permissions for the presenter video the presentation and sound only with the presenter out of shot. This activity goes well with persuasive writing.

Understand that presentations that you speak alongside need to be readable at the back of a room

Titles need to be bold and large

Text needs to fill the slide with little space left over

Text needs to stand out and shouldn’t be similar in colour to the background.

Pictures need to be relevant and easily viewed

This example shows a pupil whose text fades into the background

Video 3

After pupils have finished it is good to take three or four presentations and up level them as a class. Then give pupils time to refine their work or create a second presentation that is clearer.

Know how to add a sound file to a slide as an object

PowerPoint Office 2010 adding a pre-recorded sound file to a slide as an object

Sound files can be used to add everything from a voice over to a backing track providing ambience.

Know how to record your own simple sound clip as an object on a slide

PowerPoint Office 2010 recording your own sound clip as an object in PowerPoint

You can use this for a pupil to overcome shyness by recording their own voice over for each slide other than speaking with the slide although I think it is best where possible to encourage public speaking as it is a real confidence booster.

Know how to add a video to a slide

PowerPoint Office 2010 Add video as an object on a slide

Understand that sometimes a presentation is run by the viewer without the creator being present and that some effects can enhance the viewers enjoyment

Slide transitions


Animated Graphics

Understand that if a presentation is run automatically that all information is needed on the slide

Know how to create slide transitions

Pupils need time to investigate the many transition effects possible but will need reminding of the main purpose of their presentation, if it is not to suffer from slide transition frenzy.

PowerPoint Office 2010 Creating Slide Transitions

Know how to add animations to objects on the page

PowerPoint Office 2010 Animating objects on a slide

Know how to change the running order of animations and slide timings

PowerPoint Office 2010 Changing the order animations run in

Investigate which transitions and animations enhance a viewer’s enjoyment and which distract from the information presented

Collect a range of presentations that pupils have made and analyse their content from various view points

Why not create an analysis sheet to focus pupils observation skills

Know how to record a commentary to go with a presentation

Commentaries alongside a presentation are a great way of focussing attention on the subject matter not the commentator

PowerPoint Office 2010 Recording a commentary to go with a presentation

Investigate the similarities and differences between a web 2.0 presentation tool such as Slide Rocket or Prezi and PowerPoint

There is a three week lesson plan here for comparing PowerPoint with Prezi