Easy Buggy

The easiest buggy to create and one of the cheapest. Estimates setup time 2 minutes.

Equipment Crumble board, optional crumble playground, Battery pack, three AA batteries, four crocodile cables, geared motors and wheels x2, optional plastic hook, USB lead, computer to program the buggy, Sticky motor mount x 2

These geared motors can be purchased from 4Tronix, Redfern Electronics or Ebay

You also need a takeaway carton

Attach two sticky motor mounts

to either side on one end. The other end will drag along the floor.


Then slot the motors into the motor clips. These are a tight fit.


Make sure the tiny wire connections face towards the carton

Add the crumble, power pack or crumble playground as shown. Wire up the motors to either side of the crumble or crumble playground as shown.

Attach the crocodile clips to the motor. If you have the expertise you could solder wires to either side of the motor connections.

Plug into the computer via the USB cable and program.

Have fun

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