Green Screen Planning

Computational Thinking Skills

Pupils use computational thinking skill of abstraction to find the most important parts of their project and record them on the planner.

They also use the computational thinking skill of decomposition to break the project up into manageable chunks.

Problem Solving Skills

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You can find the attitudes cards here

Progression of Skills


Complexity is all about coping with more than one thing: more timeline segments, using video or photo backgrounds, working with a group of people successfully.

Useful Support & Planning Documents

Doink Green Screen Help Sheet PDF

Doink Green Screen Planner PDF

Slides to share with pupils when teaching them how to use Green Screen PDF
(This is just over 90mb so give slides time to download)
When mirroring the app it goes into video only display however you can switch this off using the gear icon on the multiple projects page live broadcasting enabled and switch it back on again to view the finished video full screen.


All credit to Karen & the team at #doink for responding so quickly to teacher needs. You can suggest improvements via they are a great small company who have educators needs central to their ethos.

Green Screen Planner in Action