code-it sixth most popular primary computing resource

I was surprised to see code-it missing from the Royal Society report into computing.

I dug into the data and found that the researchers had failed to combine code-it with Phil Bagge. If they had code-it would have been recognised as the sixth most used primary resource (that those surveyed identified)

This is based on the raw data found on page 65 of teacher survey report found at

On a personal note it is heartening that code-it is useful to 3% of primary teachers surveyed, it makes all the hard work worthwhile even if we missed the royal society main report due to lack of researcher knowledge of the subject matter.

You can read the Royal Society Reports here

My thanks to Les Carr from the University of Southampton and the CAS South East Team who have been very supportive of my efforts.

2Simple and Rising Stars would also have bigger percentages.