Exploring Right Angles

In this module pupils start by drawing as many lines and shapes which only have right angles as they can. They then move to drawing these on the playground or carpet. They record their algorithm by walking over the shapes before checking its accuracy by turning it into code. Finally they investigate the most efficient way to code a shape.

Exploring right angle shapes planning V2 PDF

Right Angles Algorithm Recording Sheet PDF

Move and turn Scratch Cards PDF

Planning designed for 7-9 year olds

Students need to be able to read and understand what a right angle is.

Teachers need Scratch 1.4 or 2.0 installed or online

You will also need chalk or masking tape and a print out a couple of copies of the move and turn Scratch cards

Computational Thinking Skills Used


Algorithmic Evaluation

Problem Solving Skills Used

Problem Solving PDF

You can assess problem solving aspects using this sheet

(Problem solving skills inspired by Behaviour Rubric created with @MarkDorling and linked at http://code-it.co.uk/attitudes/ )