Crab Maze

Crab Maze
A program to steer a crab around a maze using keys on the keyboard. If the crab touches the walls of the maze it is electrocuted and the game ends. Crab maze can be extended to include multiple levels. You can also add scoring coins using a variable to hold the score.
It includes forever iteration loops, conditional if loops, broadcast commands and Cartesian coordinates. New planning doesn’t include forever if blocks as I find pupils understand forever loops and if statements separately far more easily.

Main Planning
(3rd re-write May 2014)
Planning as a PDF

Learning Intentions and success criteria sheet

Learning intentions and success criteria pdf
Learning intentions and success criteria docx
Learning intentions and success criteria doc
Costume Change catch up card pdf
If touch wall catch up card pdf
Move and steer catch up card pdf
Coin scoring help sheet pdf
OLD Planning
Main planning as a pdf file
Catch-up Cards
Crabmaze costume change pdf
Crabmaze move pdf
Crabmaze steer left pdf
Crabmaze steer right pdf
Crabmaze create maze pdf
Crabmaze more mazes pdf
Crabmaze electric maze pdf
Crabmaze spawn point pdf
Extension Activities
Multiple Levels pdf
Coin Scoring pdf
Design own game A3 planner based around crab maze
Design own game A3 example planner

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