Times Tables Game

Times Tables Game
Create a times tables game where users click on the correct number sprite to increase their score. Why not upload these to the Scratch website and link
to your school website to help other students learn their tables.
Rewritten to highlight the computational thinking skill of
and more independant pupil creation.
Planning as a pdf
Learning Intentions & Success Criteria
Learning intentions & success criteria pdf
Learning intentions & success criteria docx
Learning intentions & success criteria doc
Hint Cards pdf NEW
Pupil Decompose Sheet pdf

Catch Up Cards
Create sprites catch up card pdf
Moving & bouncing catch up card pdf
Initial direction catch up card pdf
Hide sprite when clicked catch up card pdf
Scoring catch up card pdf
Extension Cards
Faster if touching extension card pdf
Random direction extension card pdf
Reappear extension card pdf
Change background extension card pdf
Narrator and timer extension card pdf
Online Resources
Game example to decompose

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