Spelling Algorithms

Spelling Algorithms


Following an interesting conversation with Professor Les Carr at the Scratch conference in Amsterdam (August 2015) I decided to create some simple spelling algorithm activities.

These could be used within class as an additional way of teaching or re-reinforcing spelling rules or as homework activities.

Many of the resources have different ways of using them. Pupils can either complete the algorithm and then test it or just test it.

These are experimental and I welcome feedback via DM on Twitter @baggiepr or via comments on this page. All mistakes are my own.

Singular to Plural

Singular to Plural A3 Poster PDF

Letter Q

ful or fully

ful or fully A3 poster PDF

Adjectives to Adverbs

Adding endings to words ending in -y

Adding endings to words ending in -y A3 Poster PDF

i before e except after c

3 thoughts on “Spelling Algorithms

  1. Denise Phillips

    Great resource, as usual – will talk to English lead about how we can use them within the lessons and perhaps ask the more able to create others for other rules.

  2. Philip Bagge Post author

    Thanks Denise,

    Teachers could use one of the complete flowchart algorithms first, then use a part complete one then have pupils design their own for a new rule.

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