Adventure Game

4th Generation planning

Redefining the adventure game format

In the past adventure games were typically dungeons and dragons type adventures. A modern adventure game need not use this genre. It could be any set of questions around a common theme that engages the adventurer.
-How to survive a school prom
-Choices in a football match
-Fictional choices that might be made by a favourite book character
-Choices presented to a historical character
Traditionally an adventure book/game would create many workflow branches as the reader/player made decisions that affected the outcome of the book/game. To write this type of adventure is possible within Scratch but it would greatly increase the time and complexity of the project. If however, a linear approach is taken where every choice is available one after another then the project is simplified and made manageable.

Computing overview

Pupils revise what conditional selection is and write simple conditional selection adventure game examples before planning and programming their own adventure games. The module is designed so that pupils work in small groups and combine their code so that each pupil has code from the group to assemble in the way they see best. However, this step could easily be removed leaving pupils to create all the code themselves.


Adventure Game Part 1 Planning PDF
Adventure Game Prom Slides PowerPoint File
Adventure Game Scaffold PDF
Conditional Selection Role Play Cards PDF


Revising the algorithmic concept on whiteboard.
Planning on paper or word processor.
Programming on Scratch 1.4, 2.0 or 3.0
Current planning designed with 2.0 in mind.