Animation Planning
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A six week block to design and make a simple animation with added sound narration
The principles work just as well with Lego Movie Creator on iPad or I can animate on iPad
Learning Objective Lesson 1 Lesson Plan Preparation bring some simple small objects from the class to the ICT suite (Coins, pen lids, scissors etc)
To understand how stop motion animation worksTo create simple stop motion animations Bring in a Nick Parks video Chicken Run or similar. Show the children a couple of minutes and then pause the video and move it on frame at a time using the remote controller.Explain that after every photo some of the models are moved a little bit and then another photo is taken. These picture are then played in sequence to produce the appearance of movement. You could also demonstrate using the flick book stick animation idea where you animate a stick man in the corner of a book. (Warning this can lead to lots of book defacing)

Explain that it took 5 years to produce chicken Run. We are going to produce our own very short stop go animation using the same technique.
Show the children where to plug the web cams in and how to load the I Can Animate software. Demonstrate how to create a very simple animation using an everyday object such as a coin or pen lid.
Now give them plenty of time to experiment
At the end of the session stop pupils and ask them to save their work but not close it. Now get all pupils to go round and see each others work.

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Plugging in usb web cams
Using I can animate to record basic sequence
Saving animation project
With the whole class of just more able explore what makes a good animation.Very small movements

Camera kept still

You won’t be needed for much technical support so why not go round with a flip video or sound recorder and ask pupils to explain how stop motion animation works. These can be uploaded to the VLE if parents have given posting permission. Web Cams
I can animate software
Video Help Files
Learning Objective Lesson 2 Lesson Plan Before this lesson you need to decide if you are going to impose a theme that fits in with your curriculum or leave it up to pupils to choose their own themes. Both work well but if you choose a theme it can have writing spin off if you decide to record a script.
Plan 30 seconds of animationReherse movements In your class room explain that this week you are going to plan an animation.

  • Max 30 seconds
  • Max three characters
  • Can bring in own jointed models
  • One scene only
  • Camera doesn’t move
  • Will be uploaded to blog or website so you can show parents & other pupils (ups the expectations and quality of the work if pupils know others will see and comment on them)

Working in groups of 2 or 3 use a piece of A4 folded into 16 blocks to plan the sequence. Pupils can also act out what happens with themselves as models timing themselves to see if they can fit it all in.

Mention to all they they can use blue tack on feet of models so the model has greater range of movement before it falls over. If pupils are going to use their own models get them to start bringing them in asap, these are often small and easy to store in the classroom. Pupils may also bring in small spot lights as these improve the lighting even with modern low light web cams. Or you could buy a cheap pack from Ikea like I did.

If pupils have planned and are ready then let them start the animation

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SEN pupils often benefit from acting it out as the concrete movements bring home the max time available for the animation (You can’t record all of Henry VIII life in 30 seconds!) Pupils can also make backdrops for their scenes using a cardboard box cat away on two sides. Some classes have done these in break or lunch times some have sent home for homework. plasticine
Stop watches
Learning ObjectiveLesson 3 & 4 Lesson Plan Pupils now have two weeks to create a finished animation
Creating a stop motion animation that has smooth movements Briefly demonstrate how the web cam works for anyone who needs it.
These lessons are great as they require minimum teacher input.
However in my experience they do need short concentrated bursts of input encouraging small moves to keep animation smooth and careful placing of figures.
If pupils models fall over you will need to remind pupils of onion skin approach.
When they finish after first session they need to save work and record all positions of models, lights background & scenery so the animation can be continued next week. Make sure you remember if you have the lights on or off.
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Creating animationRefining animation

Saving animation

Pupils often fall into two types here. Ones that will need three attempts to make a good animation and ones that will painstakingly craft an excellent smooth animation but may not finish in time. Personally I think the animation is priority here so I allow pupils to finish off in next lesson even if they don’t finish the whole project. plasticine
blue tack
web cams
Video Help Files
I can animate
Learning Objective Lesson 5 Lesson Plan
Pupils who are finished can write a short script and then record it using Audacity or directly via digital blue software. Pupils who are unfinished can continue creating the animation. Demonstrate how to record a short script using Audacity. Play animation alongside recording to lip/movement synchPupils can write a short script on paper or whiteboards or talk it out with other members of the group.

Practise it and then record it.

In my experience this can take some time and is not always easy in a noisy classroom.

Export the sound as an mp3 file in audacity

ICT Skills Able & SEN Support Notes Resources
Record and edit script using AudacityExport script as mp3 file Talk is often best with SEN pupils as it allows them full expression not stilted by writing limitations. You could let pupils who are behind or those who will struggle with Audacity record their narration directly into digital blue. USB microphone Audacity

Audacity Video Help Files


Combining sound and animation
Uploading to VLE gallery
Watching and commenting on each others finished products.
Show pupils how to use digital blue to combine sound and video animation.Import the video into digital blue

Import the sound or record own narration

Combine using the storyboard

Save and upload to Studywiz gallery

Give pupils time to play each others and evaluate them using two stars and a wish.

ICT Skills Able & SEN Support Notes Resources
Combining video and soundSaving as useful format

Uploading to Studywiz

Evaluating each others work

Able pupils can consider how they are going to market their animation for maximum effect. Combining the sound and animation can be done in Windows Movie maker or very easily using digital blue software. If you have Camtasia this will also combine sound and animation very easily.  


Report Statement Can work well in a group to produce an animation
Level Statements There are no level statements that apply directly to animation so use your own judgement based on the following loose criteria
Below Expected A simple animation that moves an object, might include unwanted hands in the clip
Within Expected A more complex animation that has scenery and a scripted event(s) Some simple sound but synch is not perfect.
Above expected A complex animation that relates a clear narrative. It could has good scenery, a good focus, can also include removal or adding tricks (Where things are taken away or added to create an effect, for eg sinking of Titanic by cutting layers of the ship off) May have titles. May also have sound.