My Best Game Ever

My best game ever is planning to help pupils think through and understand how conditional selection works before using it to design and code their own game.

I loved teaching this and it was a an easy decision to share it on code-it
4th Generation Resource (Revised since introducing code-it gold)

1, Learn about conditional selection
2, Always loops to continually check the condition
3, Role play conditions on the playground using shapes
4, Plan a big idea
5, Loop until the game is complete.
Plan a small part of the algorithm,
test it.
6, Evaluate the game

My Best Game Ever Planning Scratch2 or 3 PDF
conditional selection game slides intro
My best game intro slides V2 PDF (Revised 2021)
Pupil game plan V2 (Revised 2021)
Pupil game planning pdf
shapes role-play examples
shapes role-play write your own
Lesson Starter Conditional Role Play PDF
Lesson Starter Conditional Question and Answers PDF
Revised 19th December 2018
Revised 25th October 2019
Slides revised September 2021