Magic Carpet

This new introductory module is designed for lower KS2 (7-9) pupils. It is similar to the Smoking Car and Travel Europe modules so only do one of these. It draws out formative assessment opportunities in much more depth and includes a better method of decomposing. Written for both Scratch 1.4 & Scratch 2.0.

Pupils decompose a game and then create their version of it.

Magic Carpet Planning PDF

Magic Carpet Decompose Sheet PDF

Magic Carpet Evaluation PDF

Magic Carpet Game Online to Decompose

Scratch 1.4 Zipped Full Game to Download and Decompose

Scratch 2.0 & 3.0 magic carpet full game to download and decompose ZIP (Extract after downloading)

Pupils use Algorithmic Thinking & Decomposition

Pupils use these problem solving skills

You can find out more about problem solving here