Resources from CAS Wessex Primary Computing Science Conference

Resources from CAS Wessex Primary
Computing Science Conference

Attended by over 200 teachers from the South of England on Wedneday 2nd April at University of Southampton Organised by Professor Les Carr & Phil Bagge

Booking Website, program and speaker details here

Network & Internet Side Salad (Phil Bagge)
Curriculum Design (Phil Bagge)
Curriculum Design (Jon Chippendall)
Demystifying KS1 Curriculum (Emma Goto)
KS1 Bee Bot Workshop (Emma Goto)
Phil Wickins Scratch Slides
Phil Wickins Scrolling Scratch 1.4 File
Phil Wickins Conditional Sample 1.4 File
Youtube Videos
Networks, Internet & Web Search
Phil Bagge & Professor Les Carr
Primary Curriculum Design
Phil Bagge
Primary Curriculum Design
Jon Chippendal
Senior Leadership Briefing
Phil Bagge, Professor Les Carr & Pupils Orchard Lea Junior School
KS2 Scratch Gaming
Phil Wickins
Wow your children using free Logo
Peter Gaynord
Unplugged KS1
Jon Chippendal
Programming using iPad for KS1
Sarah Zaman
Raspberry Pi
IBM Hursley led by Tina Willoughby
Panel Questions
Chaired by Professor Carr