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Traffic Lights

Introduce indefinite loops using everyday computing concepts slides 11-14.
Then role-play & write to learn more about indefinite loops slides 34-38.

Hand out the kit needed in pairs with an individual copy of the use, modify, create worksheet. Note that you only need to print one of the first four pages as they all have different kit setup but the same questions. Download the zipped code from below and make sure it is on your network where pupils can open it but not save over the top of it. Print out the answer sheets and place them somewhere in your work space ready for pupils when they need them.

Pupils use the sheet to help them connect and test the wiring and then upload the program from your network to the Crumble software and then to the Crumble board.

Pupils answer the questions of the sheet working in same ability pairs but complete separate sheets for assessment purposes.

use modify create pupil worksheet and answers PDF
Traffic Lights Use Modify Create Code ZIP

Can work with any of this kit