Digital Devices Planning KS1

Four lessons designed to introduce digital devices in KS1

Digital device planning overview (Terms, knowledge, overview)
Lesson 2, 3 & 4 include some simple retrieval practice before introducing new learning
Lesson 1 What is technology?
Digital Devices Lesson 1 slides
Digital device lesson 1 slide notes
Lesson 1 circle tech to go with slide 12

Lesson 2 How to spot digital technology
Digital Devices Lesson 2 slides
Digital device lesson 2 slide notes
Digital device labels lesson 2 & 4
Digital device labels pics lesson 2 and 4
You will need 1 (or more) Blue-bot(s) or for this lesson

Lesson 3 Sorting digital and non digital toys
Digital Devices Lesson 3 slides
Digital device lesson 3 slide notes
You will need some digital and non-digital toys for this lesson

Lesson 4 Is a computer a digital device?
Digital Devices Lesson 4 slides
Digital device lesson 4 slide notes
computer device labels lesson 4

Example slide