Keeping Our Identity Private on the Web

Keeping Our Identity Private on the Web Planning by Phil Bagge @baggiepr

Aimed at Year 5/6 pupils

Before the lesson encourage pupils to bring in a photo of themselves that they can clip to their info sheet.

Learning Objective

Task Design to meet the learning objective

(inc key question)

Don’t put this up in the class

Learning to keep personal information online private

Public LO

Finding other people who share the same interests

Give out the information sheets and briefly share the Public LO

Give children time to fill in the information sheets

Give out paper clips so pupils can attach a photo of themselves

Now peg/sellotape the information sheet to the back of pupils jumpers (Pupils working in pairs to help each other)

Now give pupils plenty of time to move round and find people with similar interests by reading their information sheets and signing up to be their friends.

Get pupils to group with those with similar interests and say why they are grouped.

Line the pupils up and explain that they have been great and because of this we can go and purchase and ice cream in a nearby city town centre. Hopefully some children will start taking the sheets off you can then trigger a discussion about why they don’t want to go to town with that information attached to themselves.

Finally draw the parallel between walking to town with all this information attached and leaving open information available to everyone on the Internet on Facebook, Bebo or MSN profiles.

Essential skills for life and learning

Differentiation for your class

How will the learning be assessed?


Very important skill/understanding to reduce the chance of being stalked by pedophiles online

The amount of information that you get pupils to complete would vary enormously with the age of the child and their ability

The ultimate assessment of this is children restricting personal profiles in any social network that is open on the Internet

The immediate assessment is whether a child understands that some information is private and should only be shared with friends or family.

Information sheet (publisher 2010)

Information sheet (pdf)

Photos of themselves

Paper clips, pegs, clips or sellotape that will fix paper to a jumper of shirt