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Have your say Planning by Phil Bagge @baggiepr code-it.co.uk

Learning Objective

Lesson Plan

To understand that communication without sound and facial context can be perceived very differently from how it was intended.

Prepare the following statements on your interactive whiteboard so that they can be revealed one at a time.

You are totally mad

That is very silly

I hate that

Reveal these one at a time and get pupils to discuss how they feel about these statements. If anyone is smart and mentions context ask them to respond to the statement as it appears. Don’t read the statements as you don’t want to add verbal or facial context to the statements. Get pairs to feed back briefly on each statement.

Now say these statements with an angry voice and cross look on your face.

Ask pupils to briefly say what they feel is meant by the statements now.

Finally read the statements with a smile on your face and a happy sounding voice.

Ask pupils to respond to the statement now.

At this point I often ask pupils to say if they understand what I am getting at.

Explain that how a statement sounds added to the speakers’ facial expressions added to the text equals how we feel about the statement. You can draw the following on the board.

In a circle time format ask children if they have ever been surprised by how their own text has been taken on an email or online?

Before finishing the lesson ask pupils to think before they post a comment.
Will it be understood differently without the sound and facial expression? If in doubt don’t send it!

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