Google Mail

Google Mail

Prior to this lesson you will need to make sure that your Class Google Accounts have been setup. Your technician should give these to you as a list or a mail merged document that you can cut up and give to the pupils. You will also need the email address letter, which pupils can fill in before it goes home.

Learning Objective Phase 1

Lesson Plan

Understanding what e-mail is and how it works

Knowing how to logon to Gmail

Explain that E-mail is an electronic mail service that sends messages to any connected computer in the world through the Internet.

Go over the safety rules that relate to e-mail (most important for e-mail are in bold) Discuss reasons for these rules in simple terms. Ask pupils why they think the rule might be important?

Rules for Online Safety

1. I will not give out personal information such as my address, telephone number, parents’ work address/telephone number, or the name and location of my school without my parents’ or teachers permission.

2. I will tell my parents or teacher right away if I come across any information that makes me feel uncomfortable.

3. I will never agree to get together with someone I “meet” online without first checking with my parents. If my parents agree to the meeting, I will be sure that it is in a public place and bring my mother, father or guardian along.

4. I will never send a person my picture or anything else without first checking with my parents or teacher.

5. I will not respond to any messages that are mean or in any way make me feel uncomfortable. It is not my fault if I get a message like that. If I do I will tell my parents or teacher right away so that they can take action on my behalf.

6. At home I will talk with my parents so that we can set up rules for going online. We will decide upon the time of day that I can be online, the length of time I can be online and appropriate areas for me to visit. I will not access other areas or break these rules without their permission

7. I will not give out my Internet password to anyone (even my best friends) other than my parents

8. I will be a good online citizen and not do anything that hurts other people or is against the law.

Children to fill in their e-mail address on the letter to be sent home today.

Give out pupils email addresses and get them to write these on the letter to go home.

Move onto the computers either navigate to your own school Gmail logon on your school website or go to the general logon

In the user acceptance process there is a word recognition check which can fox lots of children and adults. If you have other adults in your class they can help.

If you use your own school logon it will look like this

Note you don’t need to type @domain name in this logon

If you use the general Gmail logon it looks like this

You must include your full email address on this logon

Description: Description: gmaillogon

Description: Description: gmaillogon2

If pupils change their email password they need to record this on their logon booklets.

ICT Skills

Able & SEN Support



Understanding what e-mail is and how it works

Knowing key safety rules

Know own e-mail address and how e-mail addresses never have spaces or capitals

Logging on to Gmail

Some pupils may need the username section on the ICT e-mail letter to parents filled out for them.

Class Google Account List

Email address letter

Calmore Junior

Ringwood Junior

Hiltingbury Junior

Abbotswood Junior

Orchard Lea Junior

Download and then ask the office to print it on headed paper

Learning Objective Phase 2

Lesson Plan

Creating, sending, forwarding and replying to emails

Demonstrate how to create and send an email.


  • If you are sending to other people within your school when you type the first part of their names Google will offer suggestions underneath. These will include anyone in your school and any other email addresses that you have sent too from Gmail at another time.
  • Subject is like a title on another piece of work
  • You can attach a file using attach a file underneath subject (20mb max)

Give pupils time to send and receive emails form other pupils in the class.

Demonstrate forwarding and email and sending to multiple people.

Give pupils time to forward and send emails to multiple recipients.

ICT Skills

Able & SEN Support



Starting a new email to send by clicking on compose

Where and how to type in the address

The subject is the title of your e-mail

Using the send button to send the e-mail

Sending an internal email to other people within the school

Pupils can be at very different levels with this as some will have email already and some won’t.

You can give this a focus like the first line of a story being continued and passed on by the next mail recipient although I have often found that it is enough to play at this point.

With some classes checking that they can email you first is useful to see who is struggling. Copy and paste a reply.

Learning Objective Phase 3

Lesson Plan

Organising email

Introducing other Google Tools

Demonstrate how to create a label to organise your emails

Either click on labels alongside SEND when composing an email which will bring up this menu

Create new to create a simple label

Manage labels to get more advanced settings

Or click on the more button underneath drafts

Which will bring up this menu

With the same options as above

Once you have a label you can set the colour by left clicking on the icon

Give pupils a chance to label some of their emails

What labels are useful to them?

Show pupils the calendar and drive (docs)

You can find these from the toolbar above gmail

Can pupils create a document in drive?

Explain that they can access this from home

ICT Skills

Able & SEN Support



Organising email using labels

Deleting emails

Reporting spam

Home task

Explore Google Drive and or Calendar

Which tool do they like best?

Email is best if pupils are given time to check theirs in the next few weeks even if it only 10 mins at the end of another lesson.