Litebyte PRIMM Crossing the road

Litebyte is a new type of PRIMM experience designed for people or children who don’t have much time but still want to examine and understand code. It is included without an introduction to the concepts it showcases. It could be used in a library, club or as a homework opportunity.

In this example we are looking at forever loops in Scratch using a US road crossing. It was written in Alexandria Virginia before leading a two day course for educators.

litebyte_PRIMM_cross_the_road PDF file print and fold into a booklet
litebyte_PRIMM_cross_the_road_ANSWERS PDF print as an answer sheet
Scratch code online

The downside to this approach would be that pupils don’t examine multiple examples of a forever loop which we know will increase their understanding the variability of examples. Another downside is that the programming concept is not introduced away from code in a simpler manner. There is a flow of control diagram in the predict example to help with this.