Design & Program a Maths Quiz Part 1

4th Generation Resource

This module is all about introducing conditional selection through the medium of a Maths quiz. It is a total departure from my previous maths quiz planning. As always I welcome feedback, what worked, what did you improve? Did your pupils struggle with anything?

Overall Planning

Maths Quiz Part 1 Introducing Conditional Selection PDF

1, Learn about conditional selection
Maths Quiz Slides PDF
Programming Input (text input) PDF
Conditional Selection Examples Sheet PDF
2, Role Play conditional selection activity
Conditional Selection Role Play PDF
3, Explore three quiz programming examples built using conditional selection.
Scratch Template File Online
Scratch Template File as Downloadable Scratch File ZIP
4, Plan own quiz in Word, Publisher or on paper
Publisher Pupil Planner as a ZIP file
Word Pupil Planner DOCX
Pupil Planner PDF (paper version)
Pupil Planner Scaffold PDF
Word Pupil Planner Scaffold Work on Computer
Pupil Planner Scaffold to print PDF
Cut Out Templates PDF
5, Optional teacher demo
6, Program Quiz

Part 2 & 3 which introduce variables coming soon.

Formative Assessment Prompts
Scratch Conditional Selection Scaffold Prompts PDF