Network Chat

Phil Bagge & Professor Les Carr chat about networks

Banter 0-1:21
Earliest Networks 1:21-8:15
Beginning of the Web 8:15-17:10
Exchanging data between computers – early days 17:10-23:48
The birth of the web – what does it add to the internet? 23:48-30:44
The move to computer screen – visual browsing 30:44-33:52
Screens for internet or PC? 33:52-40:38
Where is networking going? 40:38-48:38
Elephant in room – security 48:38-56:46
Although tech changes computational principles stay the same 56:46-58:18
False End 58:18-58:38
One more thing – two people on one cable 58:38-68:29