Prezi Vs PowerPoint

Prezi V PowerPoint – a 4 week module to use Prezi and then compare with what they already know about PowerPoint. Also to include esafety messages to help children to use online tools safely.

Teachers to create a free Prezi account, EduEnjoy (will need a school email account for this). Before the session teacher to change the password to something the children can use i.e. not a password used for personal accounts. Pupils will use teacher’s Prezi account during lessons. After the lesson is completed, teacher to change password back.
by Phil Bagge and Mel Hallinan (Marchwood Junior School)

Learning Objective Lesson 1 Lesson Plan
To create a basic Prezi on a previous topic. Find a Prezi using the Explore tab at the top of the screen. Explain that this week and in the following week we will be making some Prezis and publishing to the class or year group blog. Log on to your Prezi account and click the Learn tab and watch the Getting Started video. Give the children time to practise the skills and make a Prezi about a previous topic.

Ten minutes from the end of the session bring the group together and highlight issues about Prezis being published on the internet. Ask the children what the issues will be. Draw out personal information of self or friends, pictures of self or friends. Do they have permission to use pictures? Need to be 13 to give permission for themselves.

ICT Skills Able & SEN Support Notes Resources
Using transformational zebra to rotate, resize and move objects.

Linking themes and ideas to create a linked pathway.

Use a bank of text and pictures to use in Prezi.


Tell the children they will not be able to access account from home.

Teacher’s account so only teacher to publish.

Prezi account in teachers name.

Learning Objective Lesson 2 Lesson Plan
To produce a more refined Prezi that includes grouping and frames. Watch Go to the next level video on the Learn tab. If necessary, pause video to explain.

Children to choose a topic that interests them and create a Prezi. Tell the children that at the end of the session that they will have a choice whether to publish this Prezi or the one they make next week, but they must publish one.

ICT Skills Able & SEN Support Notes Resources
Using frames

Grouping items

Using size to indicate importance

Depending on individual needs of child be prepared to have a bank of resources for chosen topics.   ¬†
Learning Objective Lesson 3/4 Lesson Plan
To evaluate the use of Prezi and PowerPoint. Children to work in pairs to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Prezi and PowerPoint. Fill in proforma in pairs. As a class or group discuss their ideas and justify their opinions. Group children with opposite points of view. Remind children about rules for discussion tasks. The proforma will be used to assess their understanding of the module.

Children to decide which they prefer and make a PowerPoint or Prezi to convince others. (Allow the next lesson to finish this.) Then publish either this Prezi/PowerPoint or the one from the previous lesson.

Children to look around at the work of their peers and stand by the one they think is the best, be prepared to say why.

Watch some of the best PowerPoints and Prezis and have a class vote.

ICT Skills Able & SEN Support Notes Resources
To choose the correct application for the correct task.  Mixed ability pairs. Teacher to challenge the children about the persuasiveness of their argument and presentation.

Have they used their media to its full potential.