Scratch Book FAQ

Scratch Book FAQ

Q Are the modules in your book all the same as the ones on your website

A Every module has been re-written as I teach it now. There is a lot more independent discovery built into the book than the website. For example The Crab Maze module on the website is a series of teacher led instructions followed by some extension activities. In the book pupils decompose the project and then program it themselves with the teacher supporting through targeted master-classes when individuals or groups need more support. This approach is much more satisfying for pupils and teacher.

A There are also three additional modules in the book not on the website

Q Can I photocopy the pupil workbooks

A Photocopying is prohibited by my publisher but you can purchase a PDF of all four pupil workbooks to print as many times as you wish in your school.

Q Are you going to produce example assessment documents?

A Yes I am already working on exemplary material to help teachers identify pupils achieving above, within and below expectations. These will go with the book copy and will be free on the book media page.