Selection Algorithm Puzzle

Before your pupils attempt this puzzle you may want to revise or introduce indefinite loops and selection that starts actions. The following slides will help you roleplay and write these concepts.

Suggested learning path

1, Introduce or revise indefinite loops and selection starts actions
2, Hand out the selection algorithm sheets one each or one between two
3, Read the sheet together reminding pupils that each condition will be checked over and over again until the finish is reached. A new condition has been started but not finished. Some pupils will benefit from using an object as a character to move.
4, Go through the solutions of pupils with the least rules first to find the least rules possible

After this you might be interested in how this works in programming.
Diving Beetle Game is a good example

Welsh Curriculum Links
Computation is the foundation for our digital world
Progression Stage 3
I can use conditional statements to add control and decision-making to algorithms.