My thanks go to

Hampshire Inspection and Advisory service (HIAS)
HIAS are a fantastic organisation devoted to ensuring that Hampshire schools get the best advice and support. Increasingly working outside of Hampshire to support a wide range of schools across the south of England. I appreciate the support, training and mentoring provided.

Sue Savory
Sue is my team leader at HIAS and is fantastic at asking the questions I wouldn’t have thought of. She is always very encouraging and it is a pleasure to work with her.  I probably drive her round the bend with my lack of organisation but she never lets on.

University of Southampton
Professor Les Carr and his team have been tremendously supportive of my work in promoting computing science in schools. It is not an exaggeration to say that much of my efforts have been amplified by the University. For example an initial conversation about sharing what I was discovering about computer science turned into three primary computing science conferences attracting over 480 teachers in total from four counties.

Jane Waite
I have appreciated our chats and email exchanges immensely. Jane is probably the foremost primary computing science researcher in the Country and a source of lots of quality information as well as being a lovely person. Thanks Jane!

Phill Lemon
Phil is a Hampshire teacher and academic who donated an expensive 3D printer to enable us to print some of the projects pupils have been coding in Beetleblocks. Thanks Phill your generosity is really appreciated.

Teaching Primary Programming with Scratch: Research-Informed Approaches

Introducing a range of research supported programming methodology that works in the classroom in a way that a non-specialist teachers can understand. Details here