Tickle App Mine Hunter or Cake Hunt

Tickle App Mine Hunter or Cake Hunt

Tickle is a free tablet app designed to control drones and physical computing devices. It is modelled on Scratch with some exceptions. It is beautifully designed, making the most of the space and the Scratch 2.0 editors could have taken a few design hints from the programmers. It is not as fully featured as Scratch and the coding area becomes annoying in size after a while. However it is lovely to use the tilt and shake input functions and unlike hopscotch these are smooth running.

Mine Hunter or Cake Hunt, which ever you prefer is a simple game that uses the tilt functions to steer an object to its target.

Pupils start by decomposing the project in written form. Producing a rules based algorithm as part of the process. They then create their own adapted version before it is evaluated by their peers.

Target pupils upper KS2 lower KS3

Planning as a PDF

Cake Hunt Sample Code as ZIP (unzip and email)

Mine Hunt Sample Code as ZIP (unzip and email)

Pupil Decompose Sheet

Pupil Decomposed Answers

Tilt to move hint card

Scale Hint Card

Objects Left Hints Card

Objects Count Down Hint Card

Game Timer Hint Card

End Game Hint Card

Back to Centre Hint Card