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Maths 6.MG.1 Students write code to calculate the circumference from the radius and pi or the diameter from the radius.

Virginia State Standards

6.1 The student will construct programs to accomplish a task as a means of creative expression or scientific exploration using a block-based or text-based programming language, both independently and collaboratively, a. combining control structures such as if-statements and loops; and b. creating clearly named variables that represent different data types, including numeric and non-numeric data, and perform operations on their values.
6.2 The student will trace programs to predict outcomes and debug (correct and improve) for correctness.
6.3 The student will seek and incorporate feedback from team members and users to refine a program that meets user needs.

Virginia State Math Standard

6.MG.1 The student will identify the characteristics of circles and solve problems, including those in context, involving circumference and area. b) Investigate and describe the relationship between: i) diameter and radius; ii) radius and circumference; and iii) diameter and circumference. d) Develop the formula for circumference using the relationship between diameter, radius, and pi.