Roald Dahl Computing Ideas

Three Roald Dahl Computing Ideas

Adapt the Scratch Conversation to involve Roald Dahl characters.
The basic conversation planning is here
Before the lesson create some Dahl character sprites.
Scratch 1.4 Import pictures from Google.
Cut round them and turn white background transparent.
Right click on the sprite and export this sprite
Save it somewhere where children can access it.
Or create a version of Scratch with both characters.

Adapt the Quiz to include Roald Dahl Questions
The basic Scratch Quiz planning is here
The basic Tickle Quiz is here
Start with yes or no questions as these are much easier to answer correctly
Roald Dahl Quiz Planner PDF

Adapt the Random Word Plan to randomly make class mates into Roald Dahl characters
The basic planning is here
Pupils would just need a list of names and a list of characters joined by some interesting text.