Crumble Maker Cards

Firstly thank you for buying the book. As a book purchaser you have the right to download and print these worksheets and maker cards to use at home and in any school or educational environment that you teach in. If you are leading training please use the cards in the training and pass a few cards onto those you have trained as samples and let them know where you got them from. To avoid you splitting the spine on the photocopier every pupil worksheet is available to print below. If you want to use some of the book or these book resources online as part of teacher training please do. I am happy for you to share 5% of the book with people you train. If I can help you design a STEM curriculum or lead inset in your school please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let me know what you make and adapt.
Phil Bagge

Pupil Worksheets from the book

These also include extra worksheet pages using the Redfern Electronic battery pack. If you use these pages please note that the positive and negative are not in the same place as the 4tronix battery pack.

crumblescheme_chapt2_Ilightslightslights_worksheets crumblescheme_chapt3_Night_light_worksheets
crumblescheme_chapt4_Door_bell_worksheet crumblescheme_chapt5_animated_character_worksheets crumblescheme_chapt6_Traffic_lights_worksheets crumblescheme_chapt7_easybuggy_worksheets crumblescheme_chapt8_quiz_buzzer_worksheet crumblescheme_chapt9_translucency_meter_worksheets crumblescheme_chapt10_maker_lab_one_worksheets crumblescheme_chapt11_Robot_challenges_worksheets crumblescheme_chapt12_maker_lab_two_2_worksheets

Crumble Maker Cards (Key R=Redfern Electronics 4=4tronix O=Other Supplier)

I have included a set of maker cards not found in the book which all have Redfern Electronic battery packs. It helps children if the cards in front of them directly match the kit.

Crumble Classic Maker Cards Redfern Electronics Battery Pack

33cc  REDBAT_buzzer_MC33 4
34cc_REDBATbuzzer_MC34 R
35cc_REDBATcloseproximitysensor_MC35 4
36cc_REDBATdial_MC36 4
37cc_REDBATdistance_MC37 O
38cc_REDBATdistance_MC38 R
39cc_REDBATdistance_MC39 4
43cc_REDBATLEDlights_MC43 O
44cc_REDBATLEDlights_MC44 R
45cc_REDBATmotor_MC45 O
46cc_REDBATnumbercounter_MC46 4
47cc_REDBATpiezoMC47 O
49cc_REDBATprogLight_MC49 4
50cc_REDBATpush_button_MC50 R
51cc_REDBATpush_button_MC51 4
52cc_REDBATservo_steeper_MC52 4
53cc_REDBATservo_steeper_MC53 R
54cc_REDBATslider_MC54 4
55cc_REDBATtiltsensor_MC55 4
56cc_REDBATtraffic_lights_MC56 4

Crumble Classic Maker Cards 4tronix Battery Pack (as shown in the book)
cc_buzzer_MC33 4
cc_LDR_MC42 R
cc_LEDlights_MC43 O
cc_LEDlights_MC44 R
cc_motor_MC45 O
cc_numbercounter_MC46 4
cc_piezoMC47 O
cc_PIR_MC48 4
cc_proglights_MC49 4
cc_push_button_MC50 R
cc_push_button_MC51 4
cc_servo_steeper_MC52 4
cc_servo_steeper_MC53 R
cc_slider_MC54 4
cc_tiltsensor_MC55 4
cc_traffic_lights_MC56 4

Crumble Playground 3.5mm Leads

pg_buzzer_MC05 4
pg_dial_MC03 4
pg_geared_motor_MC07 4
pg_LDR_MC08 4
pg_proglightsMC01 4
pg_push_button_MC06 4
pg_servo_steeperMC02 4
pg_traffic_lights_MC04 4

Crumble Playground Crocodile Clips

pg_buzzer_MC23 4
pg_buzzer_MC24 R
pg_closeproximitysensor_MC32 4
pg_dial_MC15 4
pg_distance_MC26 O
pg_distance_MC27 R
pg_distance_MC28 4
pg_LDR_MC20 O
pg_LDR_MC21 4
pg_LDR_MC22 R
pg_LEDlights_MC10 O
pg_LEDlights_MC11 R
pg_motor_MC12 O
12pg_yellow_motor_MC101 O
pg_numbercounter_MC30 4
pg_piezoMC25 O
pg_PIR_MC29 4
pg_proglights_MC09 R
pg_push_button_MC18 R
pg_push_button_MC19 4
pg_servo_steeper_MC13 4
pg_servo_steeper_MC14 R
pg_slider_MC16 4
pg_tiltsensor_MC31 4
pg_traffic_lights_MC17 4

For pupils video examples visit Crumble Creations